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Dr. Tarun Agarwal, Dr. Sully Sullivan

I1 - Implant Fundamentals

$995 - $14,995

9AM - 12PM

7405 Cobble Glenn Court, Wake Forest, NC 27587 


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Digital Implant Continuum

A safe & predictable approach to implant dentistry utilizing guided surgery!

Learn what you need to get started with confidence.

This program is specifically focused on the one-to-two implant-site patient.

- Safe & Predictable Approach to Dental Implants

Learn how to prepare sites for future implants with a simple, predictable recipe that yields excellent results.

- Extraction, Socket Grafting, & PRF

We teach a full digital workflow to help you deliver clinical excellence in fewer visits – leading to greater profitability.

- Digital Implant Workflow

Not just how to place implants, but also how to position your practice to successfully implement when you return.

- More Than Just Dental Implants



How To Safely Begin Placing Implants

How To Make Implant Surgery Work For Your Practice

How To Use Our 7-Step Checklist To Master The Implant Planning Process

How To Use PRF To Enhance Healing

How To Perform Guided Surgery

How To Perform Digital Implant Restorations

And Much More!

What you will learn

Implant Fundamentals

- Learn the needed anatomy, science, and protocols to safely begin placing implants.


- How and when to use PRF to enhance healing and material handling.

Socket Preservation

- Learn bone graft materials, membrane choices, and proper suture techniques.

Virtual Implant Planning

- Learn our 7-step checklist to ideal 'crown down' implant planning.

Guided Surgery

- Learn the tips and tricks of guided surgery.


CE Credits

Teaching Methods

In Person





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