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Dr. Mike Skramstad, Dr. Meena Barasoum, Dr. Dan Butterman

Provisionalizing and Restoring Implants with CEREC® (CL3)


$ 3,495(Doctor)/ $ 1,195(Team Members)

CDOCS Campus, Charlotte, NC
13320 Ballantyne Corporate Place, Charlotte, NC 28277


Where do I start?

CEREC will produce highly esthetic implant restorations with optimized occlusion and contacts, whether you are treating a single tooth or complete quadrant. Fabricating chairside implant restorations opens an avenue to be more productive in one's office whether you are temporizing an implant with a custom healing abutment or provisional restoration or fabricating the final restoration. This workshop is designed to get users familiar with all aspects of restoring implants with the CEREC technology. All CDOCS hands-on workshops are conducted on Primescans utilizing the latest CEREC software. Patterson and Henry Schein Dental training vouchers accepted.


The differences between the various blocks for fabricating provisional and permanent chairside abutments

How to fabricate chairside abutments for implants utilizing CEREC software

How to use CEREC to create temporary and permanent implant restorations

How different tools affect implant proposals and where and when to use them

The CEREC/Galileos connection and the integration between cone beam and CAD/CAM​

File and image management as it relates to implant restorations fabricated with CEREC

To create Maryland bridge temporary restorations for patients waiting for implant integration


How to fabricate custom healing abutments with CEREC

Learn to fabricate screw retained provisionals to create optimal tissue contours



Introduction to restoring implants with CEREC®

Review the application of CAD/CAM and cone beam

Different prpvisionalization techniques for implant dentistry with CEREC®

Thorough material review as it relates to CEREC® and implants


Credit Hours


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