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Dr. Scott Sauer

Putting the pieces together for the best implant restorative options

Fri)  9AM - 4PM / Sat) 9AM - 4PM CDT

Patterson Dental, 241 Ellery Ct Nashville, TN 37214



What you will learn in this 2-day hands-on intensive course

Planning – Plan and communicate desired implant position to the surgeon

Imaging – How to select the best ScanPost/TiBase combination

Design – Design ideal implant restorations

Custom abutments – Cost effective custom abutment solutions

Finishing – Make your restorations look more lifelike

Assembly – Putting the pieces together

Delivery – Simplify the delivery process

Workflow – Simplified workflows to reduce chairtime and overhead

Economics of tooth replacement therapy

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Credit Hours

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Dr. Scott Sauer

Dr Sauer graduated from Baylor College of Dentistry in 1990 and has been involved with CEREC since 2003. Dr Sauer taught CEREC with Dr. Rich Masek at Dentistry by Design in San Diego, CA from 2005 - 2009 and also taught CEREC at Baylor College of Dentistry from 2009-2011. In addition he has been teaching CEREC with Pacific Dental Services since 2009. Dr. Sauer joined Pacific Dental Services in 2009 and is a multiple practice owner in Frisco, TX.  He has also served on the PDS National Dental Advisory Board from 2010-2022 and was a subject matter expert and faculty member with the Pacific Dental Services Institute from 2012-2020. Dr. Sauer has presented for Nobel Biocare, Ora-Pharma, Bausch Health and has written articles for Inside Dentistry. Dr Sauer currently resides with his wife of 37 years, Kim in Prosper, TX. 



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