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Tiffany Wuebben, RDH

The Hygienepreneur Bootcamp

Building A Practice Within A Practice


Join The Hygienepreneur, founder, Tiffany Wuebben, RDH, and your team and recognize twenty-five key lessons for becoming the ultimate satisfied dental provider, one who provides the highest level of patient care, contributes significantly to practice revenue and gains new insights into mastering their destiny!

Dental Professionals Work So Hard to Provide the Best Patient Care & It Can Come at a Cost!

  1. Feeling stressed and burned out with their careers

  2. Feeling unhappy every time they have to go into work

  3. Dreading facing their teams and patients for the day

  4. Struggling to meet production goals and feeling lost on how to obtain it

  5. Needing guidance with how to communicate with patients to gain case acceptance

  6. Feeling challenged when needing to keep the hygiene schedules full



General Ticket $100



Here’s what we are going to learn

  1. How to alleviate stress in the practice through the power of systematic hygiene practices

  2. Guide the attendees with the strategies to start the transformation of their hygiene departments by delivering hospitality-based care

  3. The tactics to build a “Practice within a Practice” with the power of patient advocacy


Recognize how to deliver hospitality-based care to promote the “lifetime” patient

Explore strategies for creating an atmosphere of positivity and less stress

Determine how to cultivate a feeling of “ownership” and self-directed leadership within the team

Identify how to structure a “triple win” scenario for your patients, the practice and you

Develop a hygiene department that can “carry” the practice and support the Dentist

Discover how to create a trickle-down effect that leads to improved practice culture, a happier more productive team, and an exceptional patient experience

Determine the optimum approach for “ALL ON 4 and Single Implant” hygiene appointment method of operation from the beginning of the hygiene appointment to the end of visit and taking care to home




Subject code​

Credit Hours

Teaching Methods

130 - Electives



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Tiffany Wuebben, RDH

As the Founder and CEO of The Hygienepreneur, Tiffany Wuebben, RDH is a published Author and speaker and is dedicated to serving the dental community in a big way. Tiffany’s influence empowers the dental team to practice with an “ownership attitude” which leads to better clinical outcomes, higher case acceptance and more productivity for the practice. This solid base starts with mentorship, education and training.

Her book, Hygienepreneur: The Dental Hygienist’s Guide to Achieving Career Success & Personal Transformation, outlines twenty-five key lessons for becoming the ultimate dental hygienist, one who provides the highest level of patient care, contributes significantly to practice revenue and gains new insights into mastering their destiny.

With 30 years of dental experience, Tiffany is vested in practice and patient success through the growth and support of a highly profitable hygiene department. She has a unique passion for the field of dentistry and believes in giving back to the profession that has given so much to her.



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